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Chemtest Exhibited at Pro Geo 2017

The Chemtest team, presented and exhibited at Pro Geo 2017 (South-West Regional Group) in Exeter on Wednesday 4th  October 2017

Chemtest were delighted to present alongside John Grimes Partnership Ltd  on  ‘Uncertainties in Arsenic Risk Assessment in South West England’. The presentation also covered the following Bioaccessibility tests:-

-Physiologically Based Extraction Test (PBET) – Modified Ruby  method

-BARGE Unified Bioaccessibility Method (UBM)

The differences between the tests above were highlighted in the talk.

‘The physiologically based extraction test (PBET) is an in vitro test system for predicting the bioavailability of metals from a solid matrix and incorporates gastrointestinal tract parameters representative of a human (including stomach and small intestinal pH and chemistry, soil-to-solution ratio, stomach mixing, and stomach emptying rates).’

Environ. Sci. Technol.1996, 30,422-430 Michael V. Ruby et al.

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